Homemade Pear Juice

This last week I decided to can some pear butter. My mother has 3 pear trees and we had an overabundance of them. I have never canned before and was a bit nervous. The end result was really yummy. Unfortunately I did not take pictures as I was in the process, but I will get some pictures of the finished product and get them up as soon as possible.

I started by adding about 1" of water to a large pot.

Next I cut and pealed the pears. Today I took the kids outside with me to cut up a second batch of pears. Jack had a great time sampling each one that went into the pot of water.

Lots of pears in a pot ready to be boiled and made into juice and pear butter.

My counters covered in canning jars.

The finished product


OK on to the pear juice. This actually ended up being a byproduct of the pear butter adventure. I had no plans of making it in the beginning. When I was cooking the pears I added about 1" of water to the bottom of the pot. When the pears were finished cooking there was a large amount of liquid left over. My husband decided to try it while it was still warm. We hate to toss anything that we may still be able to use. It was really good. My husband put it in the fridge for out 3 year old to drink instead of buying expensive juice. We prefer to only buy organic, unfiltered juice when we can. This juice was the same thing we usually spend $2-3 on and it was FREE!

My daughter loved it. Another good thing that came from it was that it acted as a natural laxative. My sweet little Madison has had constipation issues since she was 1 week old. This free, all natural juice worked wonders. I love it when we find something that works and we don't have to give her unnatural medication.

I just had to add these. They were so cute.

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Mrs. Mordecai said...

Great tip! It's wonderful to not waste anything and save money at the same time.

Frugal Finds said...

Sounds yummy and very frugal!! Right up my alley!!!

Beulah said...

Here's another great anti-waste tip someone gave to me. Instead of throwing out the peels, save them and put them in bread. I'm doing this with the apple peels from the applesauce I'm making. Just substitute the pear peels in your favorite zucchini bread recipe. The results are delicious!

Carry Annie said...

Thanks for the pear juice tip. I also use pear juice to keep our 5 yr old son regular. Poor guy was a mess before we found it! Now he's taking Nystatin for an overabundance of yeast in his syster. He can't drink bottled juices, so I will try your recipe.