Reader Input Needed

Since most of my readers are women I feel comfortable asking this question. I have been trying to find a homeopathic or natural alternative to ibuprofen or stronger medication to control my cramps every month. I also tend to have terrible PMS. I am not sure how my family is able stand me some months. 

My cramps have been so bad in the past that I have been in the ER for a demerol shot. My Dr. has tried birth control, but I refuse to take it for several reasons. The only things that seems to work are ibuprofen, moist heating pads, and if I am too out of control Lortab. I hate to continue to take these medications. They make me sick for several days after my cylce not to mention what they are doing to my body. At one point I had severe heartburn and reflux due to the ibuprofen. 

Any suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated. I went to Green Acres yesterday and they suggested either cramp bark, Vytex, or one other thing that they were out of. I think I will have to just start trying some things to see what works. 

Have a great Saturday. I am headed to an out of town baby shower and will be back later this afternoon. 
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Coupon Mommie said...

Have you explored with your doctor why the cramps might be so bad? My mother began having hard periods and heavy cramps as she became older. After years of medicines the doctor discovered she had Endometriosis. This is something that is hard to diagnose unless your doctor looks down all avenues for a reason.

Some women have very few symptoms and others have many. The only way to officially diagnose Endometriosis if you have enough of the symptoms is outpatient laparoscopy. You could research this disease here.

I have mild periods but I hope you find out what will work for you and pray you find relief.

Polly said...

The only thing that helped me was 2 months on the pill. After that, all the cysts I had burst and I was good as new. I had several small to medium sized cysts. No biggies, thank goodness. I too don't like being on the pill, but when it comes to being in pain, I'll do it again for a short period of time.

cheapbychoice said...

I used to have heavy periods with horrible cramps and vomiting. birth control pills really worked for me. I know you want something more natural, but sometimes we have to do whatever works. Also be careful with the narcotics, they can be very addictive. GOOD LUCK!

Amy @ Finer Things said...

My periods used to be terrible! I'd even have to miss a day of school for them. Like you, my doctor wanted to put me on the pill... I refused.

Soaking in a hot bath and sleep were the only things that worked for me on my worst days. Then I discovered something... the best thing in the world for my PMS symptoms and terrible cramps? EXERCISE As soon as I started a regular exercise routine I got so much better.

The other "best" thing? Getting rid of sugar. I'm much worse when I'm eating sugar.

I had endometriosis, discovered by laparoscopy (like coupon mommy said) when we were dealing with infertility. The doctor cleaned it out and I got pregnant 6 months later.

Good luck! I know it's miserable...

Anonymous said...

Our chiropractor carries some rub on or spray on for cramps. My daughter says it works far better than anything she ever took by mouth. The name it goes by is called: Biofreeze. She has had some very hard ones, even passing out at times from the pain. I used to have the same troubles, but had to have a complete hysterectomy. Of course, that brings other health issues, but living in pain can become impossible. I hope you find something to help you!!

Julie said...

I used to not have bad cramps. However after my my last baby it has gotten really bad. I went to the doctor for it and was given several meds. to take Mobic (anti-inflammatory), Lasix (diuretic) to help with swelling, Percet (to help with pain. These three medications worked for me because I didn't want to go on Birth control either. Try soaking in hot epsom salt bath too. I do try to get extra rest too. Hope you feel better. Julie @

Delena said...

Red raspberry leaf tea is supposed to be fantastic for the reproductive system.

Melissa said...

I've heard Evening Primose Oil (an herb I believe) works wonders.
An even more natural way to prevent cramps--get pregnant. No period for 9 months. :)