Free Coffee At Target

Target has a new set of coupons out this week. You can go to Stretching a Buck to see all the coupon match ups, but I was most interested in the coffee coupon. Target has put out another $1/1 coffee coupon. This time there are no restrictions as to how much you have to buy. Some super targets have small sample bags from about $.99 to $1.07. When I went today to check it out they were cleaned out. So instead I got a very small amount of the bulk coffee and ground it up. I actually liked this better since I got to pick from more flavors. I think I ended up paying less then $.30 after my coupon. Not too bad for coffee.
I also noticed that Coffee Mate creamer was on sale for $1.79. If you use a $1/1 here the creamer is only $.79. Or you can check out my Walgreens post to get 2 creamers for $.49 total.
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Heather said...

Thanks for the information! I've never used coupons at Target before.