Super Savings Saturday Another Great Week Thanks To Cellfire

I kind of enjoyed my shopping trip this week since I had just added the new Cellfire coupons to my Kroger card. You can read about how to do that in my post here. I know it is hard to tell from the picture, but I did get quite a bit. I only spent $52.26 which included diapers, toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, and razors. I was well stocked on veggies, so I could splurge on some other things

Still not as good as Crystal would have done, but not to bad considering I only started hard core coupon shopping a couple of months ago. I really try not to buy too much box food, but sometimes a deal is too good to pass up. I know I can always give it to the food drive at church. We have been challenged to bring something every week.

Here is what I got...

1 4pk Cottonelle
Cellfire cottonelle $.50/1
Total $.49

8 oz beef
On sale for $1.99

2 packs of Trident
Used one BOGO
$.55/1 doubled to $1
Total for 2 $.59

3 cod fillets
On sale 4/$5

Herbal Essence Shampoo
Herbal Essence Conditioner
eSaver Herbal Essence $2/2
Coupon $3/2
Total for both $1

1 pk Huggies
Cellfire Huggies $1/1
Coupon $1/1
Total $7.99 I thought it would be $2 less, but my eSaver did not come through

Box Active Lifestyle instant oatmeal
Cellfire FREE Active Lifestyle oatmeal

1 pk Kotex
Cellfire Kotex $1/1
Coupon $1/1
Total $1

12 oz shredded cheese

Mach 3 disposable razors
eSaver Gillette $3/1
Coupon $2/1
Total $1.61

Beef roast

8 oz sandwich meat

1 pack Goldfish crackers
Cellfire Goldfish $.50/1
Total $.50

1.35 lbs organic bananas

8 oz cream cheese

2 Pure Protein bars

Used $1.50/2
Total for 2 $.50

3 cans mandarin oranges

2 cans of peaches

1 can green beans

1 bottle Naturally Preferred water
Cellfire Free bottle Naturally Preferred H2O water

1 jar peanut butter for church food drive

1 jar natural peanut butter

1 onion

vanilla extract

2 bags frozen bell peppers and onion mix

$.25 refund for using my own bags. (Don't forget your bags. It can add up)

Total before coupons $81.90
Total saved with coupons and sales $29.64
Total spent $52.26

I am getting there. I hope to get it down to $50 a week. I still needed milk after this grocery run. Now that the baby is off of formula I can not get away with just a 1/2 gallon a week.

If you are wondering which inserts I got my coupons from check out Hot Coupon World and you can use their coupon database to find out.
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Lisa said...

This was a good shopping trip. I have a goal for the next 4 weeks. To spend only $35 per week. I have a freezer and pantry full of food, but I still feel compelled to buy the deals. I need to use up stuff, so I am going to put $35 into 4 envelopes--one for each week. After that is gone, no more. I feel like that should be enough for produce, milk, etc. We will see. By the way, I am praying about what we talked about. I have looked at the budget so much that my eyes crossed, and I don't see how it is possible. But, I know all things are possible in God.

Crystal Paine said...

Now wait, who says I could do better than that? I can't even figure out how to use e-coupons yet! (Though with your encouragement, I am bound and determined I'm going to try using them this week!)

I think you did a fabulous job, so be encouraged!

Michael said...

Lots of giveaways at this site.

Mommy Managing said...

Not bad at all! There are some things it's just hard to find coupons for, like meat, cheese, & produce.

Oh, and the esaver diaper Q is for Pampers, not Huggies.