FREE Crest Spinbrush From Walgreens

Apparently this deal is not working. I have heard from at least 2 people that the ES coupon is for the $14.99 spinbrush that is not on sale. Sorry about the confusion.

Crest Spinbrush is on sale this week for $4.99. You can use the December Easy Saver coupons from Walgreens this weekend. There is $3 off coupon for Crest Spinbrush. When you stack it with this $2 coupon here it will be FREE.
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Sarah said...

Hi, Lorrie...
The Crest deal did not work for me today. The IVC beeped, and they determined the IVC coupon was for the $14.99 spinbrush.

Lorrie Briggs said...

Thanks Sarah. I noticed that someone commented about having the same problem on Money Saving Mom. I will make sure to correct the post since you are not the first person to hav this problem. Too bad, I had planned to get one for my daughter.