No Spend Months-A Good Read

I always thought I did a pretty fair job at saving money and using what I had on hand. After reading the post I found at Simple, Natural, Nourishing I am not so sure. Shannon has decided to embark on 2 months of no spending above the absolute necessities. She is not even buying food for awhile. I was very impressed with her for giving this a try. I mentioned it to my husband and he thought it would be an interesting thing to try at the first of the year. This would sure give us a great kick start to paying down our debt in 2009.
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Lisa said...

Lorrie, I was reading this post and thinking "That is a good idea, but I don't think I can do it this time of year--the first of the year would be better." Then the next sentence in your post was about trying this in early 2009! That is perfect. Count me in. Let's try to get this going around the blogosphere. By the way, I did a couple of Mr. Linkys a while back--my hubby set them up. If you haven't figured it out by tonight I will have Tom e-mail you.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing a link to my blog. I'm sorry to hear about not finding raw milk. We certainly are blessed to have that near us. Thanks for visiting and commenting!