Upromise Has E-coupons!

Take the time to plan for your child's future.

I found out that Upromise is now offering e-coupons. I am not sure how I managed to miss this up until now.

If you are not familiar with Upromise you can go here to read up on it a bit. Basically Upromise is a company that has a huge database of places that will give you a rebate towards a college savings account or paying down your student loans. They are definitely worth checking out.

These ecoupons are still loaded to your shoppers card the same way shortcuts and P&G are, but there is a difference in the way you get the money. It is not deducted immediately from your grocery bill, but put into your Upromise account for later use. You still get the money back, it just takes a little while. If you had planned to by the item anyway you might as well get a little incentive on the side, for example Huggies. I also noticed that a lot of the Upromise ecoupons matched up with some of the paper coupons that can be printed right now as well as some of the P&G and shortcuts coupons.

Here is how you load them...

1.)Go to Upromise and log in if you are already a member. If not you will need to create an account.

2.) You then go to manage my account. From there you can activate coupons or enter your shoppers card #.

3.)At the top of the page you will select Earn Rewards and then select ecoupons.

4.)Select the coupons for your card, but remember that Kroger only allows a max of 45 coupons per card from all the sites.

5.)Click activate coupons. That is it. It is really pretty easy.

Every little bit helps when you are saving for college or paying down student loans. This could really begin to add up after awhile.
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Thanks to Andrea at Mommy Snacks for this info.
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