Grocery Trip 11/17

I promised I would do a post on today's grocery trip. I went to Aldi's and Dillons. I had not planned to buy quite so much, but some of the prices were so good, I decided to stock up for the next several months. You should see my pantry, fridge, and both freezers. I think I need to start buying only basics the next several weeks.


New York Croutons $1.89
-.50 coupon
Total $.89

Gold Medal Flour $1.99
-$1 coupon
Total $.99

Cage Free Eggs $2.69 (I splurge on good eggs)

Daisy Sour Cream $1
-$.50 coupon

Light Bulbs $.89

Garlic $.40

Bananas $1.32

Pinto Beans $1

Kidney Beans $1

2 bags of rice $2

Local Wheat Flour $2.65

2 King's Hawaiian Rolls $.99 each
- two $1 coupons
Total FREE

Total before coupons and sales $24.37
Total after $14.88


3lb Granny Smith Apples $1.99

4 Grapefruit $1.56

2 lb Grapes $2.68

Celery $.59

9 lbs onions $2.97

3 Acorn Squash $2.97

2 lbs Cranberries $1.98

12lb Sweet Potatoes $3.96

Total $19.88

I sold some of the sweet potatoes and onions to my mom. I am planning to go back and buy some cheese at Dillons that I forgot to buy. Madison asked for some this evening and reminded me.

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