What I Accomplished Today

Well putting your days goals up for everyone to see sure does keep one motivated. I managed to get to everything except the kids craft cabinet. I hope to have the laundry washed by tonight so I can fold it tomorrow. I decided to have Madison watch Veggie Tales while I slept on the couch instead of finishing. Needless to say I will now have to redo my general pickup of the house. Oh well such is the life of a mother. At least she let me nap.

Jack and Maddie helping

Finished apple, banana, carrot muffins and pumpkin cranberry scones

I guess I will add this to tomorrow's list.

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Pearl said...

Your kids are adorable!!

Crystal Paine said...

Great job!

Any chance you'd consider posting the muffin and scone recipes? I happen to have pumpkins, cranberries, apples, bananas, and carrots on hand right now, so I'd love to try these--especially because I'm guessing they are on the healthy side if you made them.

Thanks for the inspiration!