Walgreens Deals Week of 11/2-11/8

Here are the best deals I see for this week at Walgreen. Make sure to check out the Glade and schick deals!

Glade Scented Oil candle holder $3.99
Use BOGO from my coupon bar or 11/1 SS
Stack with $2/1 coupon from Kroger/Dillons blinkie
Final 2/$2

Glade scented oil refills 2/$5
Use $2/2 blinkie coupon from Kroger/Dillons
Or use buy 2 get one free from 11/2 SS
Final 2/$3 or $1.50 each or 3/$5 or $1.67 each

Glade scented oil refill $3.99
Use one BOGO for refill from 5/28 ss
Final 2/$3.99
Stack with buy glade scented oil refill get holder free
Final get 2 refills and 1 holder for $3.99 or $1.33 each
Someone check my math on this. I was getting a little confused.

Glade glass scents 2/$5
Use BOGO from 10/12 SS
Final 2/$2.50

Glade Wisp Candle $5.99
Use $3/1 from 11/2 SS
Submit for $2 EasySaver rebate
Final after rebate $.99

Purex laundry detergent BOGO
$1/1 from 9/28 SS
Final 2/$7.99 or $3.99 each

Nature's Bounty Vitamins BOGO
$1/1 10/12 RP
Final varies

Walgreens nuts $1.99
use $1/1 Walgreens pharmacy coupon
Final $1 each

Celestial Seasonings Tea $2/2
use $1/1 from 10/5 Smart Source
Final FREE

Gorton's Seafood 2/$4
Use $.75/2 printable here
Final $1.63 each

Healthy Choice Soup 4/$5
Use $.75/1 or $1/3 from 10/26 Smart Source
Final varies

Swanson's Broth $.59
Use $1/6 or $.40/4 or $.40/3 from 9/28 SS
Final varies

Russel Stover Chocolates $4.99
Use $2/1 from 5/4 Red Plum
Final $2.99

Dove Chocolate Minis 2/$4
Use $2/2 Easy Saver coupon
Stack with $1/1 from 9/7 Red Plum
Final $2/2 or $1 each!

Wrigley's Gum BOGO with Walgreens coupon
Use BOGO from 10/5 SS
Get 2 FREE

Bounty paper towels 3/$5 with store coupon
Use three $1/1 from 11/2 P&G
Final 3/$2

Aveeno 20% off
Use $2/1 printable here
Final varies

Eucerin Skin Care $9.99
Use 1/1 from 11/2 Red Plum
Final $8.99

L'Oreal Lipcolour BOGO
Use $1/1 from 11/2 Red Plum
Final varies

Gillette Deodorant $2.99
Use $1/1 from 9/28 P&G
Final $1.99

L'Oreal Natural Match Hair Color 7.99
Use $2/1 From 10/26 Red Plum
Final $5.99

Crest Prohealth 2/$5
Use 1/1 printable here
Final 2/$3

Colgate 2/$5
Use $1.50/1 printable here
Final 2/$2

Gillette Venus $2 off
Use $2/1 from 10/12 P&G
Final varies

Schick Quattro Disposable Razors $5.99
Use $3/1 EasySaver
Stack with $2/1 from 10/5 SS
Final $.99!

Scope $3.99
Use $1/1 from 10/12 P&G
Final $2.99

Airbourne 2/$10
Use $2/1 printable here
Final $3 each

Ricola Cough Drops $.99 with store coupon
Use $1/2 from 10/5 Smart Source
Final 2/$1

Triaminic $4.99
Use $2/1 here
Final $2.99

Bayer $4 off
Use $1/1 from 10/26 RP
Final Varies

Covergirl Buy get one 50%
Use two $1/1 from 10/12 PG
or BOGO if you have it
Final varies


Tide and Gain $1 RR
Tide use $1/1 from inserts
Final with RR $9.99

Prilosec $18.99
Get $3.50 RR
Use $1/1 from 10/12 PG
Final with RR $14.99

MiraLAX $18.99
Get $4 RR
Use $2/1 from 9/28 SS
Final $12.99

Gillette Shampoo or 2 in 1 Wash 2/$9
Get $2 RR
Final 2/$7 with RR

Pantene, Head and Shoulders, or Infusium 23 is 2/$12
Get $2 RR
Final 2/$10 with RR

Oral B Cross Action $5.99
Get $2 RR
Final $3.99 with RR

Did anyone see anything I missed?

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Rose said...

thanks :)

Woman Interrupted said...

Thank you! Very thorough. One note, my Glade Wisp B1G1 Q (from internet) is now expired :(

Lorrie Briggs said...

Thanks for letting me know the Glade wisp BOGO is expired. I did not check mine. I have taken it off the post.
I may still be able to use mine at Kroger. They accept expired coupons.

Anonymous said...

Re: Bounty deal...will Walgreens accept 3 P&G coupons in one transaction? The coupons have "limit one coupon per purchase" printed on them. Does this mean one coupon per roll of towels or one coupon for the whole transaction?

Lorrie Briggs said...

You should be able to use 1 coupon per roll. I have never had a problem with it before. I guess if it is an issue you could do 3 transactions.

Heidi said...

My sister in law showed me a great diaper deal - Walmart diapers are bogo for 8.99, plus there is a sheet of coupons from the pharmacy for $2 off a pkg of diapers. If you ring it up at the end of the transaction, it will take $2 off for each pack of diapers. So you end up with 2 jumbo packs of diapers for 4.99. I did it with size 3 this morning, and ended up with 70 diapers for $5.

Lorrie Briggs said...

Thank you for letting me know about the diapers. I had considered adding the deal to my original list, but since the coupon said it was for $2 off regular price diapers I was not sure it would work.
I think I will go ahead and post it so others can give it a try.
I still have about 15 packs from the last good diaper deal they had, but you can never have too many diapers. I may have to give it a try.
Thanks again.

Priya said...

hey..can u tell me what is walgreens pharmacy coupon which is written in ur post below walgreens nuts
??Thank you!

Lorrie Briggs said...

I had someone ask the same question about the pharmacy coupons in the post I did for the diapers. I guess I forgot to add that comment here as well.
The pharmacy coupon is in a tri-fold coupon flyer that you have to ask for at the pharmacy. The front of it says something about having $40 worth of coupons inside. Hope this helps.