$75.52 for $21.92 At Dillons/Kroger

I had already finished my grocery shopping yesterday when I came home and checked the mail to find an envelope full of Dillons coupons. Yeah! Well after looking at them I realized that quite a few of them were for the items that are in the huge 3 day sale Dillons is having.

I talked to my husband and he agreed that we should go ahead and spend a little extra this week to stock up on some things. The main reason we decided to go ahead with an extra trip was due to the fact that today is the last day of the sale. It was so worth it. Between yesterday and today I am hoping to not need to grocery shop for anything other then some fresh produce and milk for the next 2-3 weeks. We will have to see how that goes. My menu plan Mondays the next several weeks should be interesting.
Here is the breakdown...Remember my Dillons doubles coupons up to $1
2 Packs of Tyson Chicken Thighs BOGO
Final $4.58
3 lb Pilgrim's Pride Chicken $1.99/lb
Used $.55 coupon here
Store coupon $2 off $7 poultry purchase
Final $3 or $1 per pound
3 cans Libby's green beans $.50 each
Used $.50/3 here
Final $.50 for 3 or $.17 each
1 Bag Frozen Italian Veggies $1
Used $.35 store coupon
Final $.30
1 container grape tomatoes $2.99
Free with store coupon
1 bag shredded cheddar $1.58
Used $.45 store coupon
Final $.68
1 pound butter $1.88
Used $.35 store coupon
Final $1.18
1 lb Laura's Beef $6.99
Used $1.50 store coupon
Also used $2 off $7 beef purchase
Final $3.50 Not too bad for grass fed beef. This is our favorite brand.
1.31 lb Ground Chuck $2.61
4 pk Cottonelle $.99
Used $.50 Cellfire coupon here
Final $.49
21 packs Idahoan Potatoes $1 each (I plan to donate these to our church's food pantry)
used 21 $.75/1 coupons here
Final FREE
Total before coupons $75.52
Total savings with coupons and sales $53.60
Final total $21.92
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