Free Idahoan Potatoes Plus Moneymaker

My husband told me yesterday that his college is having a food drive and they are asking all faculty to bring 20 of something so they can be a good example to the students. I was totally on board with him, but not sure what we could get 20 of without spending quite a bit of money. He told me that someone was already bringing canned veggies. Today I found a great deal that will fulfill this need as well as make us a little money to spend on next weeks groceries.

If you go to the Idahoan potatoes web site you can click on the get coupon link and take a very short survey to get $.75 off of any product. Make sure to select other or store brand. Dillons has Idahoan packets on sale this week 10/$10. If your Dillons (Kroger) doubles these will be free. The best part is that when you finish the survey a print box will come up that will allow you to print out as many coupons as you want.

It gets even better. If you buy 4 at one time you get a $1 catalina toward your next purchase!

Thanks to Sarah for pointing this deal out.
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Crissi said...

I wanted to try this deal because we love these potatoes but I couldn't until today because I had ink in my printer. So anyways I went to their website and tried it and all I got was a coupon for .75 off 3 and I could only print out one. I am so bummed out!

Centsible Savings said...

Hate to be a stick in the mud, but I printed a bunch of these b/c I was going to use them at my Harris Teeter store to get them free, but when I read the coupon, it said that it was illegal to use unauthorized copies - then it said "including printing multiple copies of the coupon". I just don't want anybody to get in trouble.