Cheap Annies Mac and Cheese at Kroger

My 3 year old decided that we needed to have macaroni and cheese for dinner last night. I realized that I did not have any so we made a quick run to our local Dillons (Kroger). I prefer to buy organic when I can, but it is usually too expensive. Boy was I surprised to find Annies on sale. I then realized that I still had coupons from Earth Day.

The coupon is for $1 off 3 Annies products and Annie mac and cheese was on sale for $1 each. Even though my coupon expired August 31 it went through without any problems. I ended up with 3 boxes of organic mac and cheese for just over $2. That may not seem like a deal to some, but for organic I think it is a great deal.

So if you still have some Kroger Earth Day coupon books around check to see if you have this coupon. Even without it I think it is a good price. The nonsale price is $1.99 each.
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Michael said...

Here's a new site with giveaways.