The Work To Home Movement

In the last several years there has been major growth in the number of moms who are leaving their high paying jobs and returning home to care for their children. Why has this been happening? I believe that many people are realizing that the decline in stay at home moms has been a major factor in the decline of the American family. In the past several decades we have seen a significant rise in the rates of crimes, teen pregnancy, childhood behavioral disorders, and violence.

I think that many moms have decided that enough is enough. They have decided that their children should be raised by a loving, nurturing mother and not a cold, impersonal daycare. I realize that there are some daycare providers that truly do love the children they care for, but unfortunately many only think of it as a job.
I feel that if we can educate mothers on how to manage a household on 1 income again the way our grandmothers did we will be able to make a difference. If you were to ask your grandmother if she would trade her time home with her kids for any of the toys or so called "needs" that many of us think we have to have today, I think she would say not a chance.

We only get one chance to raise our children. We only get one chance to teach them right from wrong and the way the Lord would want them to act. Readers I urge you to help keep this movement going. We can make a difference even if it is only in the lives of our own children. Who knows maybe someday they will be the one to touch the multitudes. God has a plan for each of them.
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Emily said...

You make a really interesting point on this one. My mom stayed home with all 5 of us, but our generation was encouraged to get a college education and have a career. While it's great for moms to have something for ourselves, we haven't figured out yet how to juggle that and having a family. I wonder if there truly is a link between the absence of parents at home and the way the world is today. (Not to say that all kids whose parent doesn't stay home with them are trouble or are doomed a life of it!) That's why I'm thankful to have found a way to work at home. I've noticed more and more of my friends are making that choice as well.