This Weeks Kroger (Dillons) Deals-Better Late Then Never

I had planned to have these posted way before now, but 2 little children and a pile of laundry won over my attention the last 2 days. These are the best deals that I saw. Let me know if you notice anything else. For those readers in the Wichita area these are the same deals I found in the Dillons ad. Remember my Kroger doubles coupons up to $1.

Ground Chuck $1.99 lb

Dillons Gallon Milk $2.99

Pilgrims Pride Chicken Breast $1.99 lb
There is a $.55 coupon here.
I am not sure how this affects the price per pound.

Kroger 5 lb bag potatoes BOGO (Great time to make soup and baked potatoes)

Yoplait Yogurt Cups 2/$1
Use $1/4 coupon here
Also $.40/6 at Shortcuts (Thanks to a reader for letting me know)
Final 4/$1 or $.25 each with just the $1/4
Final with both coupons 6/$1.60 or $.27 each

Libby Vegetables 2/$1

Use $.50/3 coupon here
Final $.50 for 3 or $.17 each!

Hot Pockets 3/$5
$1/2 or $.55/1 from 9/28 Red Plum
Best deal-if you have 3 $55/1 you get 3/$2 or $.67 each

Pop Tarts 3/$5
Use $1/2 or $1/1 or $.55/1 from recent Red Plum
Final could be 3/$2 or $.67 each

Pillsbury Crescent or Sweet Rolls 3/$5
There are many coupons for these the best I found was $1.00/1 here
Combine with e-coupon $.50
Final $.17 each

Betty Crocker Frosting $1.59
Use $.50 from 10/19
Combine with $.55 e-coupon
Final $.09 each!

Healthy Choice Entrees 5/$10
Lots of coupons for these. The best I found was $.30/1 from 10/19 Smart Source
Final is $1.40 each

Purex Laundry Detergent 24-40 load $1.99
Use $1/2 or $35/1 from 10/5 Smart Source
or $50/1 from 8/10 Smart Source
Final varies from $1 to $1.30!

Boneless Pork Loin BOGO

Campbell's Soup 10/$10
Use $.40/1 from 9/7 Smart Source
Final $.20 each!

Nestle Fun Size ??Unsure of price??
Use $1/1 printable here
Final Varies Should be around $1

Kroger Cream Cheese 10/$10

Kroger Frozen Veggies 10/$10 Stock up for Thanksgiving!

International Delight Creamer $1.99
Use $.55/1 from 10/12 Smart Source
Final $1

Land O Lake Half and Half
Use $.75/1 Here
Final $1

Tyson Anytizers $2.99
Use $2/2 boxes
Final 2/$4 or $2 each

Tyson Chicken Drumsticks or Thighs BOGO!
I love it when they do this. I always stock up.

Private Selection Whole Turkey 50% off. Buy now for Thanksgiving

Cooks Spiral Ham 50% off. Again buy now for Thanksgiving

Herbal Essence Hair Care 3/$8
Use $3/2 from 10/12 P&G
Combine with $2/2 eSaver
Final $.33 for 2! That is $.17 each!

Sunsilk Hair Care 3/$8
Use $1.50/1 printable here for hairspray
Final $1.16 each

Aussie Hair Care 3/$8
Use $1/1 from 10/12 P&G
Final $1.67 each

Cheerios 2/$5
Use $1/1 printable here
Final $1.50 each

All General Mills Cereal 2/$5
Numerous printables here, and here.
Final $1.50 each

Ozarka Water 24 pk $4.49
Use $.50/1 from 8/24 Red Plum
Final $3.39 or $.14 each Much cheaper then buying them singly

Pillsbury Cake Mixes $.94
Use $1/3 from 9/7 insert
Final $1.82 or $.61 each

Nestle Morsels 2/$5
Use $.75/1 printable here
Final $1.50 each

Kroger Spices are 33% off

Campbell's Tomato or Chicken Noodle $.69
Use $.40/4 from 9/7 Smart Source
Final $1.96 or $.49 each

Don't forget about the Cellfire deals going on right now. You can read about them in my post here. FREE vitamin water, FREE oatmeal, $1 overage for 4 pk Cottonelle, and more!

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Honey said...

Came over from moneysavingmom. Iwas interested in the land of lakes creamer link you had, but it was not available. Can you say where you found it? In the meantime, I'll look at couponloop. Thank you!

Lorrie Briggs said...

I am sorry,it was getting really late last night when I was putting this together and I must have forgot to add the link to the creamer site. It has been fixed now. Thank you for letting me know.

Anonymous said...

There is a .55 cent Pilgrims pride coupon on their website that will double to $1.00, so it will end up being $1.67/lb.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for listing these in an easy-to-read format. I save so much $$ at Dillons, with my pile of coupons and the ecoupons besides. Last time I went I bought 2 big canisters of Folgers coffee and about 10 other things, and walked away paying about $8. It makes my day!!!

Lorrie Briggs said...

Thanks for the comment on the Pilgrim's Pride coupons. I have added it to the list.

Jenni said...

okay, so you can combine coupons like this at the store too?? I just learned that you can combine store and manufctured coupons, but these are both MFR. Thank you for taking all the time to share with us the great deals. You are a blessing *Living In Peace*

NeedANap2 said...

Your link should be :)

Lorrie Briggs said...

I am not sure which link I need to change. If you could let me know I would be happy to change it.

Thanks for stopping by Mommy Stays Home. Yes, you can combine store coupons, paper man. coupons, and e-coupons. I am not sure why, but it works for me everytime. When you combine them all you can get some really great deals. I am sure that you noticed some of them on the Kroger list this week.
There is a really good one for Cottonell on my Cellfire post.

Amy @ Finer Things said...

Hi! Came here from MSM, and I'll be returning on my own! You saved me so much time today before heading to the store. Thank you for doing the work; I just gathered some coupons and printed others and saved a lot of money!

NeedANap2 said...

The e-coupons: Pills rolls and BC frosting. Also there should be a shortcuts coupon for the Yoplait yogurt. HTH.

Lorrie Briggs said...

Need a Nap 2,
I have fixed the links. Thank you for letting me know. Like I said it was nearly 11:00 pm when I was putting it together and I am sure I missed a few things. I hope you will return next week for more Dillons deal.