Menu Plan Monday-Using Up Stockpile

I have a lot of food that I have stockpiled from all of the sales the past several weeks. My husband and I decided that it is time we started to use most of it and not buy as many groceries the next couple of weeks. I started this last week and only had to buy a couple of things such as milk, eggs, and cheese. This week I should only need to buy a little bit of fruit and milk. 

We have also decided that I have let my couponing and deal hunting get in the way of our whole food diet. I am going to try and see if I can continue to eat whole and/or organic with coupons and still remain within budget. I will let you know how things go. I am learning how important it is to eat with the seasons not only for nutrition, but also for budgeting.

Breakfast-Soaked oatmeal, fruit
Lunch-Millet,boiled eggs, corn
Dinner-Beef roast, sweet potatoes, homemade rolls

Breakfast-Homemade toast, eggs
Lunch-Beef roast, rolls, broccoli
Dinner-Crock pot chicken, acorn squash, pasta

Breakfast-Toast, plain whole milk yogurt with honey, fruit
Lunch-Home canned applesauce, chicken strips, veggie
Dinner-Bean and chicken burritos with homemade tortillas, veggie

Breakfast-Soaked oatmeal, fruit
Lunch-Organic french fries, beef roast, fruit 
Dinner-Chicken and bean soup, veggie, and rolls

Breakfast-Moms group
Lunch-Tuna salad, fruit
Dinner-Pumpkin pancakes, eggs, fruit

Breakfast-French toast or dutch pancake, fruit
Lunch-Chicken strips, egg noodles, veggie
Dinner-Soup and rolls

Breakfast-Cereal and fruit
Lunch-Family lunch
Dinner-Chicken, rice, and veggie
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MemeGRL said...

It can be such a trade-off, can't it, between using coupons well and eating as healthily as we'd like? There's never a coupon for fresh broccoli! (Though it does of course go on sale.) We're in a big freezer cleanout here too (I need to defrost my freezer again before the garage is too cold to actually thaw the growth in there!) so I think it's in the air that it's a good time to be working down what we have and spending in other places! Have a good week and thanks for posting!

noelle said...

That's my struggle with using coupons. I just plain won't clip what I wouldn't already buy. It's not a deal if I am buying something I wouldn't typically spend my money on just to save money.

Using what we have is always a struggle. I always feel like spending money on food is so justifiable. Good luck being creative the next few weeks.

Lisa said...

I need to use up what I have as well. I have a grocery list that is growing, but the items on it are usually those that you can never get with a coupon. (Although, I did get broccoli and cauliflower last week with coupon at Target!). I think this week will be my first Aldi's trip in a long while. They are probably the least expensive way to get those staples.