Today's Shopping Trip

I went grocery shopping today knowing that I needed to only buy essentials and the things I needed for making laundry soap (I still need washing soda) and decorating for Christmas. I went to Aldi's, Target, and Dillons. I am hoping to do a post on our homemade Christmas decorations soon.

The produce I bought is not organic, but sometimes you just have to take what you can get.


Gallon Organic Milk $6.19
-$.55 coupon
Total $5.19

Whole Cloves $2.02

Cottonelle 4pk $.99
Cellfire coupon $.50
Total $.49

Fels Naptha Soap $1.29

Total spent $9.62


3lb Gala apples $2.69

3lb Granny Smith Apples $1.99

8oz Mushrooms $.99 

3lb Tangerines $1.69

3lb Oranges $1.99

Total Spent $9.94


Borax $2.99

Broccoli $2.29
-$1 coupon
Total $1.29

Marshmellows $.89 (Splurge for a treat for a family get together tonight)

Plain whole milk organic yogurt $3.39
-$1 coupon
Total $2.29

Box of organic tube yogurts $3.19
-$1 coupon
Total $2.19

Total minus tax $9.65  (I had some things for my mother on the same receipt) 

Total for the day $29.21

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Lisa said...

Nice deals at Aldi's. I am excited about going there later in the week.
I may try the laundry soap recipe in the future--after using up what I have.

Pearl said...

My DH & I are doing our best to get back on a dedicated budget... I'm planning to drastically cut my grocery portion of the budget back. Thank you for the inspiration!

Valerie Deneen said...

Wow! You did well... very impressive! :-)

Frugal Family Fun Blog
Good times on a budget!

Emily said...

Thanks for your comment, Lorrie! I'm looking forward to your post on homemade Christmas decorations - we need some ideas!