Work At Home Job Idea

If you have been looking for a way to work from home for any length of time I am sure that you have at least looked into transcription in some form or another. I have worked as a medical transcriptionist myself so I can tell you that this is something that can be done. The only problem seems to be that most of the time when you think of transcription you think about medical transcription and you probably do not feel like you have the qualifications it would take to get started in this field. 

There is hope for you if you have no formal medical training. Have you ever considered working as a legal or general transcriptionist? If you are able to type at a reasonable rate and you have a good grasp of grammar and punctuation this may be something that you could consider, but there is still the problem of needing some training and how to find your first job. 

I have discovered that the blog Transcription Talks offers a down loadable training course called Transcription 101, that is significantly cheaper then any other training course I have seen. Believe me when I say that I have researched this subject. The rates I found usually ranged in the $1000's and you still had no guarantee of a job. I myself paid a local woman about $400 to train me. I ended up working as a medical transcriptionist for her until her business folded. I loved it and I earned back my start up cost very quickly. 

Normally I would not advocate paying anyone for an at home job opportunity, but this is more like an investment in your education. I cannot guarantee that you will find a job after you have finished, but you will at least have the no how and it may work to your advantage. The cost of Transcription 101 is only $30! I wish I had known about this when I first started. You can go here to read more about it. Right now you can email the author and she will send you the first chapter for free so you can check it out and decided what you think.

You can also try Violet's College Fund.  She has a ton of ideas on how to get started in this field and what companies are hiring. 
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