Sorry I have been gone so much

I have not totally abandoned my readers, but I have been praying and thinking a lot about either cutting back some from this blog or simply stopping it all together. I have realized that it is taking up way more of my time then I should let it take up. I have been trying to work out a schedule so that I am only allowing myself certain times of the day to work on it. 

I have been receiving comments and emails from readers telling me that they like what they are seeing and have been able to benefit some from reading. I will try to continue the Dillons deals on Wednesdays and a few of the best deals I find throughout the week as well as some encouraging words, but the time I have spent in the past will have to be cut back some so that I am able to fulfill my job as wife and mother first. I hope you will all understand. 

In the meantime here is a great link to a Christmas ornament project that a reader sent me. 
Thanks Sarah!
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Pearl said...

I totally understand where you're coming from... I miss hearing from you, but have been in your shoes too. God will give you wisdom to make the right decisions for you and your family.

Amy @ Finer Things said...

I applaud your wisdom in setting a schedule and cutting back. I need to re-evaluate the time I spend on my blog, too!

Anonymous said...

If you decide to keep the blog. You should only post one day a week for the deals. I don't think you should put deals out all the time. family is more important as you already know. Just remember so many blogs post the save deals. I do enjoy reading from you.

Andrea @ Mommy said...

It is such a fine balance! I've found that when I have time to schedule my posts and a committed schedule I stick to during the week it is better.

But, it's still hard nonetheless! I'll say a prayer for ya! said...

It's hard to find that balance I think. I hope you don't stop altogether - I enjoy reading your posts, not that I'm back on here!