$10 off $10 at QVC

I have never bought anything from QVC before, but I decided to go for it when I came across this great deal. I love it when places offer $10 off of $10 order. If you hurry and go here you can get all the details on how to get in on this. I also noticed that there was free shipping on many items today. I am not sure if free shipping continues tomorrow or not. There were several items at or a little above $10 so you could get a great deal.

I bought some Mrs. Meyers cleaning supplies that I have been wanting to try. They ended up costing me about $6.88 for 4 items. This included tax and shipping. I will also get money back from using my husband's Ebates account. If you already have an Ebates account don't forget to go through them to get 3% cash back on your QVC order to make this an even better deal. If you have any plans to order something online soon make sure to use Ebates to get coupons and cash back. They will be sending out checks on Feb 15th so now would be a great time to order if you have plans to.
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