So Let's Get Going- Income Earning Idea

My friend, Crystal, over at Money Saving Mom has a series going every Wednesday on how to make more money without working harder. I have to say that it is a wonderful series. She made a suggestion last week about starting businesses that will result in residual income. I am still researchers more ideas on how to go about starting these type of businesses, but in the mean time Crystal suggested a really interesting idea for making some money while still staying home. It is called Preschool In A Box.

Basically the idea is this...I am sure many of you have considered starting an in home daycare to make some extra money, but you really don't want to have kids in your home 8-10 hours a day. Joy Anderson is the genious behind preschool in a box. She shows you how you can start an in home preschool and only work 2.5-5 hours a day and make more money then you can with daycare. I checked out her site and it is completely legit. In fact, I ordered her free informational cd. I think she has some great ideas. So go check it out for yourself.
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