Couponing For Diapers

This is a picture of my Walgreen shopping spree this last Sunday. I was down to 2 packs of diapers so I decided it was time to restock my supply. I have considered going to cloth diapers recently for a greener alternative. I even have a friend who has offered to loan me her's. I am still trying to decide what direction to take. I guess I figure that since Jack is 16 months I will hopefully be able to start potty training in a couple of months. His sister was finished potty training my 22 months. I have heard that boys are harder.

Total for the above....

6 bag diapers
5 184 count bags of wipes
2 packages of raisins
1 Glade Sense and Spray

Total oop about $24
I received $30 in Register Rewards
Total saved over $60

I could have saved $6 more off of my total making it $18, but Walgreens only had 1 Sense and Spray. I needed 2 to get $4 overage. I also had to use a $3 coupon instead of a $5. I could have printed another one at my mom's, but I decided it was not worth the drive to her house and then another store. Considering 1 pack of diapers is on sale for $10 I think I did pretty well.
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Heather said...

Your photo looks a lot like what I purchased today! This was a great week for a bargain! BTW, I miss ready your posts. Hope your kids are feeling better too.