Tweaking The Purpose of This Blog

I have really been thinking about stopping blogging altogether, as I am sure you have noticed by my extreme absence. For some reason I keep coming back. I seem to miss it. If I still have anyone reading I think I will try to take this blog in a new direction.

I do not like just posting about deals and grocery trips. To me that seems to defeat my original purpose for starting this blog. I still have lots of friends asking me how on earth I find such great deals. This also seems to be the top thing that people visit this blog for. We are all trying to cut back and simplify these days. My goal will be to help those who are interested learn how to still eat a natural whole foods diet and stay within their budgets.

I think I will still post about the good deals when I see them, but not everything. There are so many other bloggers who already have this covered and do a great job. I would really like to concentrate on helping wives and mothers take care of their families in the most frugal yet most natural and healthy way. It is a passion of mine to learn about Biblical principals for raising a family, being good stewards, natural health care, healthy cooking (especially for kids) and more as decide what will work with this new direction.

I will still be posting on how to make the transition from work to home, but also adding in some things about how to live a more natural yet frugal life.
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2 comments: said...

Frugality is something I need. I am super excited to move back to Wichita, where I can use a Dillons card and Double coupons! (Neither of which I can do here). And, YOU are where I first learned all about it! So, I'll listen as long as you feel like teaching! But I understand the need to simplify life.

noelle said...

I'm glad you are sticking with your blog. I know it can be so easy to feel like we have to keep up and do what everyone else is doing.

Be who you are called to be. Blogging can be so great for your soul and spiritual life but only when you are being faithful to what you know you are supposed to do.