My $.87 Shopping Spree

After sales, coupons, and $$ off your next order I got all of this (plus a few things not pictured) for a grand total of $.87!!

I just realized I got a picture of my sweet husband making gnocchi for dinner.

I had such a great shopping trip today. After reading Crystal's tip about the Huggies coupons being used for single packs of wipes I decided I needed to go shopping today. I had already used all of my $5 coupons on diapers at Walgreens, but I had 11 $3 coupons left. I had access to 4 printers for these coupons in case you were wondering how I managed to get so many. The above picture was in 3 transactions. I am planning to donate all of the wipes and cereal to my church's food pantry. I am well stocked on wipes from Walgreens earlier this week.

Transaction #1...Dillons/Kroger

6 boxes Huggies wipes $2.50 each -6 $3 coupons
2 boxes Glucerna cereal $3.99 each -2 $5 coupons (I received 2 $2.50 OYNO coupons)
1 gallon Horizon organic milk marked down to $3.90
1 Big K gingerale
1 box Fruitabu organic fruit snacks marked down to $2
1 Russell Stover Private Reserve marked down to $.75

Total out of pocket $4.35
Received $5 back off of my next order

Transaction #2 Dillons/Kroger

4 boxes Huggies wipes $2.50 each -4 $3 coupons
3 Russell Stover Private Reserve $.75 each - Buy 2 get 1
1 large can Muir Glen tomatoes marked down to $1.75 - $1 coupon

Total out of pocket $1.13

Transaction #3...Leekers

1 can Pringles - Free item coupon (Special treat for family)
1.96 pounds bananas $1.31
-$1 off next order coupon

Total out of pocket $.39

Total out of pocket $5.87
Recieved $5 off your next order coupons
Grand Total $.87

Total savings $45.94

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Pearl said...

I'm so jealous! I wanna be like you when I grow up! LOL
Way to go on the savings!

Pearl said...

PS: I've missed your blogs!

Suz said...

Gotta love it! :) Good job!

Charlene said...

I just posted how you can make that cereal an even better deal:)