Todays Healthy Grocery Trip

I went shopping today and was able to use some coupons toward produce, organic bread, and other things. In another post I will try to share some links to some great natural coupons. I had hoped to show you a picture of my shopping trip, but my sweet husband had everything put away before I had a chance.  I can tell you that I only spent around $41. Coupons can be so helpful. Sometimes it is worth it to buy something that you do not plan to use just to get an overage toward the items you do plan to use. You can always donate the extras. 

Since I could not get a picture here is a list of what I got...

3 # organic apple
organic lettuce 
2.19 # organic banana
Nature's own organic bread
1 # organic beef
Kroger natural peanut butter 
2 jars Classico spaghetti sauce (I liked this brand because it did not have high fructose corn syrup or soybean oil)
1 Large can V8
1 can green beans
1 can peaches
2 cans pears
1 can madarin oranges
Daisy sour cream (This brand is cream only without additives)
apple juice (I prefer not to buy this, but my daughter needs to have as many fluids I we can get down her)
2 packs strawberries
Local whole wheat flour
2 boxes freezer bags
1 bag garbonzo beans
1 bag frozen stir fry veggies
1 bag frozen bell pepper and onions
1 sm container plain yogurt (To make my own yogurt with)
1 cucumber
1 bag Nature's own buns
World Market olive oil (My favorite brand)
1 box Always Infinity (I had a free box coupon, plus $2 came off that was already loaded to my card)

Coupons used...
2 $.75 Nature's own (No longer available)
$1 off V8
1 $.35 off Kroger frozen veggie (mailer)
$2.50 off next order coupon
Free Always Infinity
$10 off next order coupon (This was a Walgreens Register Reward. I read at Common Sense With Money that if you ask your store some will take them as a competitors coupon. I decided to ask the cashier. She just said she would see if it would scan. Guess what it did!)

Total OOP $41.22
Total saved $34.72

I obviously could have saved more if I had gone to Aldi's to get my produce. I decided that I would rather spend a little more for better quality especially since I was planning to use the $10 off catalina. 

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